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   The ' TRICK' is to get onto the S.M. pre-order list !!! 

All the folk on the pre-order list get a model in strict order of ordering date, as the kits become available in batches from the caster.  

And  ONLY IF there are any over do those get into the store.   At the moment demand is mostly outstripping any chance of any showing up in the store.

pre-ordering ensures you get one ASAP.



2001: U.S.S/ Discovery  in 1/144 scale (30inches long)     NOW Available VIA STARSHIP MODELER ONLY!

2001: Titov v Russian Spaceplane in 1/144 scale    (only be available Via Starship Modeler)

(2001:Aries 1B lunar shuttle)  In 1/144th. scale. (only available Via Starship Modeler)

2001: Orion 3 spaceplane  in 'real' 1/144 scale  (only available Via Starship Modeler)

2001: Orion 2 cargoplane  in 'real' 1/144 scale (only available Via Starship Modeler)


NEW !!! 2001: Moonbus Interior (Interior ONLY)       (only available Via Starship Modeler)

To fit into the 1/55 scale Aurora/Moebius plastic kits.     


Mk1 Galactic Fighter In 1/72 scale (only available Via Starship Modeler)


Serenity firefly   in 1/288th scale     NOW Available VIA STARSHIP MODELER ONLY!

Fireball XL5 In 1/200th scale (available via Comet Miniatures ONLY)


The Time Machine   In 1/12 scale Master by 'Stargazer'    (available via Comet miniatures ONLY)


'SPINNER 44' flying police car in 1/48 scale      NO Longer Available ! Aug. 8th 2014


DARK STAR In 1/288th scale...  NO LONGER AVAILABLE...  (Aug 8th 2014)


Stingray  In 1/144th scale....



New Apollo' CEV & Lander In 1/144th. scale  (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)



NSEA PROTECTOR   (Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol. 6Aug 2007) "Best model I never made"

No idea how I came to get credit for someone else's kit, But If you followed the Link in Sf&f here to find this model ,

here is a link to the guys who did make it,  Starcraft Models



Contact me via E-mail for a PAYPAL request for payment,  Or any other mutually agreed means of payment.

E- Mail me.....   stargazer(at*)  (for availability... and price)

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